Naming the iPad holster

How do you name a new thing? Well, it’s clear it’s a Zatchu Bag. It’s a little ne’er-do-well, a big vagabondish, vaguely western.

Eastwood? Cartwright. Southfork.

I’m reminded that Texas oil men wear cowboy hats and boots with their expensive suits. This could be the Silicon Valley equivalent: that quirky accessory that you wear with your pinstriped hoodie as you skateboard to work. Or? You could name it with some kind of non-attributable name that sounds like something else and ends up having an original meaning if the product is huge.

Pakij? Klept. Valit. Strich. Bringit.

‘Need your tablet? Bringit.’ What about one of those simple names where you give a specific thing a name that suggests something much more general, or of a different purpose altogether?

Cargo? Keepsake. Mason. Scramble.

Is that Jackie Mason or mason like bricklayer (toolbelt-style) or Mason like secret society member? (Or all three?) Or a name that tries to tie language to the thing that it does:

Tabster? Breefcase. Tabber. Turse.

I hate those types of names: they always feel like ‘PhilCo’ and ‘JameCo’ to me. How about a name that’s playful and giddy,

Scramble? Poke. Spindle. @hand.

Or a name that’s already been used to name a bunch of other stuff:

Hitchhiker? Hiphugger? Sidewinder.

Hmm…Sidewinder…it’s testing well…

at 6’5″, Robert is the tallest to work it