iPad holster packaging

So, maybe it’s an iPad mini holster: packaging? Let’s see. Probably sell / fulfill through Amazon for online sales (eventually), so it has to be bagged. It will get all disorganized if it’s not bound together in some fashion, what with all those straps. So some kind of cardboard insert that the straps can wrap around will keep it together maybe?

shows some Apple devices stowed away in the pockets--too obvious?

Phil points out that, if sold in retail, it needs to hang up and stay together somehow: a staple or something through the center pocket would take care of that. And, of course, if you’re buying it in the store you either need to see it on a mannekin or the packaging needs to tip you off to what it does / how it works. Will work on a modification of the graphic to convey all that.

focus on the brand

Cardboard packaging may be old-school, but I like that it’s biodegradable and not resource-intensive and not so ‘grabby’. It will do for online distribution, for sure, but for retail I think I would have to do more to compete–sad to say.