For Reals

For Reals

I need something that I can wear around town and talk to people about. So it needs to be sewn better, and it needs to have a more muted style so that I won’t feel self-conscious wearing it.

I should have gotten professional help at this stage, but after all the prototypes and making a dozen of the Shanti, I felt I should give it a try.

keep those fingers out of the way and watch out for flying needle fragments: six thicknesses of denim on a home machine!

I opted to try the straps on the inside for this first ‘wear-around-town’ model. I didn’t want the styling to be too forward, so that the practical nature of it would be the thing to provoke reaction / conversation rather than the color or fabric. So denim fabric over jeans should be about right to start gathering opinions.

the straps are on the inside this time