Bought a tablet for my tablet holster

I finally bought a tablet: a Samsung Galaxy 7 something-or-other. It’s all nice and Android-y.

tableau for a tablet holder

…and it allows me to model the thing in a photo show that I can use to test the concept on International Geek Day. Too geeky? Facebook is divided on the question.

Patterns and Pros

Time to go to my favorite sewing shop in North Carolina! I’m taking my pattern with me, my best (rough) sample, and some test material.

pattern and assembly instructions which will be largely ignored

Despite our different aesthetics, I admire everything about the way Carol approaches this project. ‘If you can cut the fabric,’ she says, ‘I can start to figure out how this whole thing is going to be put together.’ Great–and I start cutting the fabric without measuring it and get it totally wrong. After laying the pattern out and methodically marking and cutting it, we’re in business again.

meet Carol

while Carol sews, I design a logo

Back in Durham, Phil is the first victim. The sizing seems right for 30 to 34 inch waist. I make a note to get a wider variety of models.

phil models the sample: mission accomplished


For Reals

I need something that I can wear around town and talk to people about. So it needs to be sewn better, and it needs to have a more muted style so that I won’t feel self-conscious wearing it.

I should have gotten professional help at this stage, but after all the prototypes and making a dozen of the Shanti, I felt I should give it a try.

keep those fingers out of the way and watch out for flying needle fragments: six thicknesses of denim on a home machine!

I opted to try the straps on the inside for this first ‘wear-around-town’ model. I didn’t want the styling to be too forward, so that the practical nature of it would be the thing to provoke reaction / conversation rather than the color or fabric. So denim fabric over jeans should be about right to start gathering opinions.

the straps are on the inside this time