Denim it Is!

Denim it Is!

Okay, so it’s definitely denim. And the slightly more muted design of putting the straps on the interior of the three-ply pocket is working pretty well as a prototype. Now I found some really nice green two-way stretch at the fabric shop, and I think this understated green would make a great complement to indigo. The top-stitching wants to be beige, though, instead of copper / rust (which is traditional for jeans made of indigo fabric)

three-ply pocket with all straps hidden between the back layer and the middle layer

I made this one with a slant pocket for easy access, and that required me to pick a leg. I chose the left leg: I figure right-handed people will pull a tablet out of their pocket with the left hand, and immediately start tapping on it with the right hand. But, I could be wrong. Swords were drawn from the left side with the right hand, once upon a time.

looking pretty tough... or just looking pretty

Funny–I still don’t own a tablet. I went on a five mile bike ride with this one and the wooden block faux tablet never fell out. I guess it’s time to get one of those Samsung Android tablets: maybe I would use one if I could carry it around easily? Rumor has it that Apple might make a 7-inch tablet.

Three things I notice when wearing it:

  1. when slung low over the hips, it makes me feel like a bit of a cowboy: promotes swagger just a bit, in the way that wearing your pants around your knees also might
  2. the strap in front comes down right over your business, so it’s kind of an attention-getter
  3. the strap in back can kind of fall off your butt (solution coming)