A New Way to Carry your iPad or Tablet

A New Way to Carry your iPad or Tablet

straps for the tablet holster attached on the outside

Started thinking about ways to attach the straps to the pocket. I like the aesthetic of showing the straps wrapping around the pocket body. But fastening straps to the pocket body on the outside without turning the pocket inside out is difficult. And suppose you turn the pocket inside out. Then you would have to sew through just the layer nearest the strap (so that you don’t sew the pocket closed).

straps sewn to back of 'pocket'

So anyhow I tried to fake it by sewing the straps around the corner edges and making them look like they were going all the way around. This turned out to be hard, and the illusion didn’t quite succeed (my sewing skills a likely cause).

... and from the front

But it came close, so I decided to try it again in a fabric combo that would yield a greater visual effect if it worked.