More Fabric Choices for the Holster

suit fabrics, canvas, denim

Been experimenting with fabric selections the past few weeks. From suiting to canvas to denim, I’ve noticed that two-way stretch denim works the best. It gives support to the piece overall, and yet it feels comfortable when worn snugly over the hips. In true industry style, ‘two-way stretch’ denim stretches only in one direction: crosswise, whereas ‘four-way stretch’ denim stretches crosswise and lengthwise. Because I wanted the straps and the width of the pocket to stretch (but not the length of the pocket), I’m going with two-way stretch denim.

Still need to determine the weight and colors. I know that if I use denim, I’ll have to make it in at least indigo, but would like to have another color option or two (three?)

User Testing a Tablet Holster

As you go through a series of prototypes, make sure you always keep asking the same questions so that you get feedback that can tell you whether you are moving in the right direction. If you learn to ask questions that elicit more favorable responses, and ask more of those questions over time, then you’ll just have the illusion that your product is improving. So, the baseline questions are:

  • What do you think this is?
  • How do you feel about it?
  • How would you put it on?
  • What would you put inside it?
  • Would you use this? If so, where? And why?
  • Would you give this to a friend?
  • What does it feel like to wear it?

geoff went along with it


my neighbor was into it

wasn't fashion forward enough for this guy

mark and brad hamming it up

Denim it Is!

Okay, so it’s definitely denim. And the slightly more muted design of putting the straps on the interior of the three-ply pocket is working pretty well as a prototype. Now I found some really nice green two-way stretch at the fabric shop, and I think this understated green would make a great complement to indigo. The top-stitching wants to be beige, though, instead of copper / rust (which is traditional for jeans made of indigo fabric)

three-ply pocket with all straps hidden between the back layer and the middle layer

I made this one with a slant pocket for easy access, and that required me to pick a leg. I chose the left leg: I figure right-handed people will pull a tablet out of their pocket with the left hand, and immediately start tapping on it with the right hand. But, I could be wrong. Swords were drawn from the left side with the right hand, once upon a time.

looking pretty tough... or just looking pretty

Funny–I still don’t own a tablet. I went on a five mile bike ride with this one and the wooden block faux tablet never fell out. I guess it’s time to get one of those Samsung Android tablets: maybe I would use one if I could carry it around easily? Rumor has it that Apple might make a 7-inch tablet.

Three things I notice when wearing it:

  1. when slung low over the hips, it makes me feel like a bit of a cowboy: promotes swagger just a bit, in the way that wearing your pants around your knees also might
  2. the strap in front comes down right over your business, so it’s kind of an attention-getter
  3. the strap in back can kind of fall off your butt (solution coming)

Trying wrap-around straps, this time for real

Trying the wrap-around straps that are continuous and not ‘faux’ wrap-around. This has potential.

straps cross twice in the back, and form a second 'trapper' for an item like a sketchpad or a mail delivery

In the end, this suiting material is too stretchy / gauzy in combination with the more rigid cotton canvas. If I did this again, I would sew the straps together with anchors that would keep them from moving independently before sewing them on at the edges of the pocket. This way, even though there is an air gap between the straps and the pockets through the center section, at least the straps are fastened to themselves.

Spotted…on Harrison St.

is that a Public Bike?