Too straight? Too narrow?

‘The Brad’ is coming along well. So far I’ve noticed that I have a hard time loading a bag with such a narrow opening at the top. But I really like the way it looks with a slim profile at the top, and it’s very unlikely that anything is going to fall out of it. Decisions…

The Baga Continues

New model brings new questions: how do you start with two anchor points and end up with a bag that doesn’t wriggle around while you’re biking home? (and keep from making the same old messenger bag, which is essentially a briefcase on a string)…

Single Again

For my next trick, I’m thinking about a single-strap bag that can go over the head. Ayman says it won’t work on a bike. Brad says it will. I’m calling it ‘the Brad’.

Wrong Turn

Sometimes you get excited about an idea and the materials are just too close at hand. I started making this one before I realized how awkward the strap separation would be at the corners. It solved one problem so well–the sides don’t puff out when the bag is closed, giving it a nice profile when seen from the back–that I overlooked other negatives like a poor volume-to-material ratio.